Eco Live

Consume much and produce the same amount = zero impact
More than 100 concerts per year and offices active 7 days a week: everything at Live Club is powered by a new renewable energy: the energy of the sun. All this thanks to the new 144 kW photovoltaic system producing 180,000 kWh per year, necessary to cover the energy requirements of all the shows hosted by the venue. Thanks to the new metering system, we can produce energy during the daytime and enter it into the electrical grid, and then consume the same amount during the nighttime.

Free water for everyone
Live Club offers free drinking water thanks to a system which purifies tap water: this reduces the waste of plastic bottles, and makes this free and public asset available to everyone.

Come to the party with a bus
Live Club offers a successful bus service to Milan Central Station after the shows at a cheap price. This service is in agreement with the road accident prevention policies, and is available to all those who do not feel able to drive safely.